Philadelphia HVAC Maintenance Agreement

Philadelphia HVAC Maintenance Contract

Philadelphia HVAC Maintenance Contract

One of the most important things to ensuring your family and business low energy costs and preventing your air conditioning unit or heating unit from failing early is preventative maintenance.

Like any major item, such as your car, periodic maintenance is required to clean out the filters and check to make sure everything is working properly. The same thing is true of your home and office air conditioning equipment. Why? The cost of repairing and or buying a new air conditioning unit can be many times more expensive than just a small routine HVAC maintenance agreement.

Preventative HVAC Maintenance Contract in the greater Philadelphia area:

  • Prevent major, costly repairs
  • Ensure your units are as efficient as possible saving you money on your monthly power bill
  • Save our planet from unnecessary pollution: by ensuring your unit is running efficiently this can drastically decrease the release of pollution coming from your unit
  • Maintaining your warranty: Yearly maintenance may be required in order to keep your warranty on your unit effective.

Each HVAC preventative maintenance contract is different based on the size of the HVAC unit and usage, but generally we will send a service technician to your location residential or commercial on a quarterly basis per year.

The HVAC technician will thoroughly clean your unit, check your air filter, clean the condenser coil, clean the evaporator coil, check refrigerant pressure, clean the condensate drain, check refrigerant pressure and inspect all electrical connections. With gas units, we also will check the gas heat exchanger, clean burners and flame sensor, and check all safety controls. When we’re done, your HVAC system will be ready for either the upcoming summer or winter season.

Benefits include:

  • 10% off any air conditioning repair or heating repair
  • Reduced monthly energy bills from improved efficiency
  • Extended HVAC equipment life
  • Safety and peace of mind
  • Priority 24 hr Customer service in the event of problems
  • No overtime charges